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Commission for Pixel Art illustrations
The Lamb of Columbia by The-Other-User
Welcome to Candieland by The-Other-User
Toothiana The Tooth Fairy by The-Other-User
I am accepting commissions for pixel art based illustration. Before you ask me for commissions, please browse through my gallery first and take a look at my pixel artworks.

I will accept the following (except mature content):
- Fan arts.
- OC.

All commissions are fully colored.

Please note that the work will take time to be produced for I am a student and a musician. I will work when I am free from my own projects. The maximum amount of time I would need is 2 weeks but that depends on how complicated the requested commission is. I believe that the price I've given is within reason considering the amount of time needed and the quality of the work.






The-Other-User's Profile Picture
Aliffira Rezza
Artist | Student | Digital Art
Follow me on Tumblr ( ). I'm more active there than on DeviantArt.

I'm a design student and a musician ( I play the bass for The Stage: ). I also taught myself how produce 8-bit tracks and pixel art. My illustrations are usually based on pop art and usually comes in the form of vector and pixel arts. I also love humor and comics ( especially comic strips). I am currently based in Penang, Malaysia at the moment.

Group Exhibitions:
- Heavyweight vs. Lightweight Exhibition (2012)
- Penang Space Festival with NASA 2012 (2012)
- PARADOX Digital Art Exhibition at MGTF USM (2014)

Solo Exhibition:
- New World Park's Penang ARTY CRAFTY: PIXEL NATION Mini-Showcase & Live Pixel Art Demo (2013)

Performance Highlights:
- Penang World Music Festival (2012)
- Youth Jam Penang 2012 Island Rumble (2012)
- SILYMI: Culture (2014)

You've read the title. Here we go!

  1. The pen name, "The Other User" was a spin on the movie title name of 'The Other Guys' starring Mark Wahlberg and Will Ferrell. Initially, I used the name as my gamer tag for various games and since it's called "The OTHER User", I also started using it as a username on various websites. Before "The Other User", I was known as Kenjii L.O.T.D.
  2. A local cafe/restaurant was briefly named after my pen name. It was called The Other Cafe for 3 months before its changed to a family business name.
  3. My favorite color is wardrobe is full of red shirts.
  4. Contrary to popular beliefs, I don't play much video games despite owning a seriously beefy laptop. I play games every now and then but I am a sucker for games like Garry's Mod, LittleBigPlanet, Minecraft and The Sims. Why? These games let me create stuff and I like to create stuff. I have a brain and an imagination. I exercise it.
  5. I am a fan of Emily The Strange.
  6. I am not much of an anime fan. I prefer cartoons (and I'm not talking about shows along the line of Simpsons, Family Guy and Archer. Although I love those shows too). Also, I cannot stand 'tsundere' characters.
  7. It took me over two years of convincement from my friends before I started watching One Piece and now it's my favorite on-going anime.
  8. Growing up as a kid, I improved my English by listening rather than reading. Basically, I grew up watching shows on TV without subtitles (if I can already understand the language). I also dislike dubs. I prefer watching stuff in its original format. Even if I had to read subtitles.
  9. Every now and then, I'd meet a local who is confused about my race and ethnicity. They either thought that I was mixed or a foreigner. They never mentioned anything specific but they're usually surprised to know that I am Malay. My opinion on this matter, it's all about how you were brought up and who you spend time with.
  10. I have sensitive skin. Cursed with a lot of allergies. Primarily peanuts and animal fur (especially cat's).
  11. I love cats.
  12. I have a pet turtle named Mikey. He's 9 years old. I used to have two turtles but the other one died two years ago because of sickness.
  13. I love graffitis. Especially, stencils. I worship the work of Banksy and JSP.
  14. I have defaced over 4 murals in the Graffiti park in Youth Park Penang over the last 2 years. I even snuck into Youth Park at 4am once with my friends to deface one of the walls. I usually target other small timers (who were students) that did mural paintings in the Graffiti park and kept away from the good pieces made by known artists that was painted there. My reason for defacing the walls, I find mural painting and graffiti to be two completely different type of street art to be exhibited in a 'graffiti park'. Also, I have a lot of spray cans and an interest in graffiti.
  15. My first ever pixel art was actually a poster color painting on a mounting board.
  16. My first ever digital pixel art was actually done in Mircosoft Excel.
  17. I am not an avid TV show fan either. I watch a few TV shows on and off. Some of these shows are, Doctor Who, Supernatural, Big Bang Theory, Sherlock, Community, and How I Met Your Mother. The only TV show I watch frequently is Mythbusters and CSI.
  18. My favorite superhero movie is The Rocketeer. My favorite animated movie is The Iron Giant.
  19. I prefer fantasy over sci-fi.
  20. I grew up as a loner. I don't have much friends. I was constantly kept at home by my parents. I talk to dolls & other inanimate objects, and myself more than I interact with real people. Even today, I sometimes paced around in my room talking to myself. I still have a kick ass childhood btw.


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For every 10 points I receive, I will release a royalty free music (my original chiptune songs) on my Reverbnation page available for downloads!

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